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Cookie Notice

Altough different types of cookies exist, we olny use the type just to ensure you that you've already visited our website. So when visiting the 1st time you will be made aware of the cookie policy and notice. When rejecting, no cookie will be savec on your computer. When accepting, a cookie will be saved in your browser to inform you that you've already visited the website.

INFORMATION about erasing the cookie:
CHROME: go to Settings, type cookie in the top searchbar, in the cookie results select erase all cookies, click yes.

Privacy Policy 
- FLOS vzw does NOT collect private data in any way from you or your computer.
- When filling in the subscription form (Contact tab), YOU and only YOU decide to contact us and after verification we will ask you for your agreement to be entered in our e-mail database.
- This database is NOT linked to our FLOS vzw website. It only generates an automated e-mail to our mailbox and is not saved in our website server.
- For further questions, feel free to contact